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We have invested hundreds of R&D man-hours in consultation with performance road bikers, triathletes and tarmac based cyclists to formulate a World-Class product range of grease and lubrication products as cycling lubricant and cycling grease. Our mission was to simply create the ultimate industry-leading products that deliver smoother functioning for higher speeds at high durability levels, so that passionate cyclists can be the very best they can be.

No Compromises - Ultimate Performance, Ultimate Durability and Ultimate Comfort.


When it comes to cycling grease or bike oils for lubrication, these are common problems associated with the lubrication of bearings and drive train components:-

  • If the cycling lubrication product is too light, it cannot withstand water and soon loses its efficacy.
  • If too heavy, it becomes tacky causing drag.
  • Normal greases and oils attract sand, grit and become abrasive, like sand-paper.
  • They solidify or emulsify with temperature changes slowing you down.
  • With contamination, bearings become rusty & corrode. 


DEUTHLON technology for lubrication effectiveness chart

Competitor Products (Blue dots)
• After application of most chain lube in the market, it became effective instantly and slowly loses it effectiveness with time
• This is NORMAL lubricant characteristics

DEUTHLON'S RB Lube (Orange dots)
• After application, the ‘smoothness’ is instantly felt much better for regular cyclist
• When the rider starts to ride the bike, he will FEELS that the ride is getting SMOOTHER and BETTER (as illustrated from #1 to #6 of the chart)
• Thereafter some number of rides, it starts to slowly lose its effectiveness as per normal lubricant characteristics as illustrated as from #6 onwards – but the gap of smoothness is already ‘very significant comparing with other products.


Our range of road cycling lubes & greases are designed for road and time-trial use on tarmac, to withstand & resolves the fundamental problems listed above. We have also designed the products for specific areas of application on your bicycle


Area of applications for DEUTHLON product range for Road bike



Below is the comparison of chain lube vs DEUTHLON's RB Lube


Comparison of DEUTHLON AQUA Series bike lube series:


How and Where to Apply DEUTHLON's Cycling Grease & Lube (Tarmac & Road Bikes ) - Full mechanic version


Some proven testimonials. Just to name a few:

1. Exceed more than 10% performance

2. Cycling average from 30 km/h to 34 km/h


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