Suffering from reel issues

Modern equipment still suffers from the traditional challenges of operating in a marine environment. These are:-

- Corrosion caused by salt-water contact

- Grease dilution or removal caused by water contact

- High wear & tear caused by high load & corrosion

- Grease hardens and/or emulsifies

- Vibration & “squeaking

- Degraded drag force performance

Deuthlon has been scientifically developed using our proprietary DUST-SHIELD and AQUA-SHIELD technologies for use with fishing reel maintenance with the best reel lubricant.

At Deuthlon, we are passionate about fishing reel maintenance and after hundreds of engineering hours of Research and Development into creating a best reel lube, working with anglers in many different conditions and a constant product refinement journey, we have optimized our sport fishing line based on real-world feedback from anglers across the fishing spectrum for fishing reel maintenance.

How DEUTHLON products solve these problems

- Optimize power transfer from the hand crank direct to the gears - with minimal energy loss

- Resist water, sand and dust

- Provide high resistance to corrosion & rust

- Run very “clean” and afford easy maintenance.

- Ultra light with superior smoothness for spool bearings (Deuthlon's Cast Lube, click here).

- Has the potential to restore old reel gears (Deuthlon's Reel Gear Grease - Ceramic, click here).

- Easily achieves extra force of 40%. Some achieves >100% (Deuthlon's Power Drag Grease, click here)

- “Moisturizes” and protects bearings against corrosion (Deuthlon's Semi Fluid Grease click here).

  • Croatia

    …impressed by how well and smoothly this beauty works after the DEUTHLON treatment…

  • Italy

    …best power drag grease ever tried…

    …way above the even most expensive Japanese brand

  • Bulgaria

    conclude self-service lubricant kit in the market...Japanese brand not even to your standard

  • Macau & HK

    …Power Drag is fantastic.... When they tried once, never go back……

  • Hungary

    …people who swear by the products…

  • United Kingdom

    Probably the best lubricants I have ever used.

    Highly recommended

  • Finland

    One brands does everything since we have different grease specialized from different area of reel

  • Finland

    More quiet, a lot faster, drag smooth & consistent, starting inertia a lot lower, drag pressure more even now

  • Slovakia

    Ceramic grease holds incredibly well on gear teeth, even worn surfaces…like there weren’t unreal.

    Looking for such a lubricant such a long time

  • Thailand

    I serviced hundreds of reels,smoothest grease ever

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DUST-Shield Technology

Our “Dust-Shield” technology delivers an optimum Dust Free performance environment and has excellent adhesion properties. 

This ultimately allows the  pushing of  maximum rpms within bearings, with an almost ZERO friction coefficient.

More Info

AQUA-Shield Technology

Our AQUA-Shield technology application are more than Water-Proof – they REPEL water!

They are an excellent anti-corrosion agent, against salt corrosion and oxidative formation of rust.

More Info

Video below shows - Spinner effect BEFORE (3 secs) vs AFTER (35 secs) in just 2 minutes application

Video below shows - Water repels illustration with just a few drops

Application Info

 Here is the posting in fb on how to maintain & care for your fishing reel maintenance:

Dunno which to buy? Just wanna try out?

No worries, for a new trial out, we have this trial starter kit pack having all the products mentioned above for your reel maintenance.

It is All-in-one pack at smaller quantity. It can use up to 8 to 10 applications.

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