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Fishing Reel Performance Maintenance Starter Kit | All-In-One pack lubricant for your fishing reel

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Deuthlon has been scientifically developed using our proprietary DUST-SHIELD and AQUA-SHIELD technologies for use with fishing reel maintenance with the best reel lubricant.

At Deuthlon, we are passionate about fishing reel 'performance' maintenance and after hundreds of engineering hours of Research and Development into creating a best reel lube, working with anglers in many different conditions and a constant product refinement journey, we have optimized our sport fishing line based on real-world feedback from anglers across the fishing spectrum for fishing reel maintenance.

We have proudly addressed the common problems so that our product will:-

  • Optimize power transfer from the hand crank direct to the gears - with minimal energy loss.
  • Resist water, sand and dust.
  • Provide high resistance to corrosion & rust.
  • Run very “clean” and afford easy maintenance.
  • Ultra light with superior smoothness for spool bearings (with Deuthlon's Cast Lube, click here).
  • Has the potential to restore old reel gears (with Deuthlon's Reel Gear Grease - Ceramic, click here).
  • Easily achieves extra force by a factor of 40% and higher (with Deuthlon's Power Drag Grease, click here)
  • Moisturizes” and protects bearings against corrosion (with Deuthlon's Semi Fluid Grease click here).


Our products are specifically designed for Professional Anglers.

Professional anglers reel oil lubricant


Have questions, click here for FAQ. 


Starter kit - consisting of all of products appeared in this webpage into one single package. The package includes Reel Gear Grease, Power Drag Grease, Semi Fluid Grease and our revolutionary Cast Lube.


Please note the package contents:

Cast Lube                              : 10ml

Reel Gear Grease Ceramic    : 10ml

Drag Gear Grease                 : 10 ml

Semi Fluid Grease                 : 10 ml


Weight: 180 gram          Dimension (mm): 140 x 112 x 33 


Customer Reviews

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alessio campitelli


John Hauserman
great stuff

I purchased and used the starter kit and was pleasantly surprised at how well my reels are performing. Butter smooth is the best description with increased ease of casting as well.