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Reel lubricant for harsh sea sports fishing

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Best fishing reel lubricant

Fishing Lubricants For Extreme Conditions

No more sea corrosion, better drag, smoother & most importantly increases drag power significantly. Performance like never seen before

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Without wishing suddenly became instant spokesperson for DEUTHLON. 'Crazy water repellent' behavior of bearing oil...Like BLACK MAGIC.

Paul Gaskell, UK

I used to not believing lubricant does so much improvement. Without knowing, I tried your products in my hub bearings for my TT & RB. Like a miracle.

Nick Freyer, Germany

Ceramic grease holds incredibly well on gear teeth, even worn surfaces…like there weren’t unreal. Looking for such a lubricant such a long time.

Reel maintenance pro, Slovakia

More quiet, a lot faster, drag smooth & consistent, starting inertia a lot lower, & drag pressure more even now...and it even perform well in winter.

Markus Nordman, Finland

Breaks his own PERSONAL RECORD in Taiwan circuit just after applying your lube tested. Unbelievable.

Professional competitive cyclist, Europe