DEUTHLON performance lubricants

With revolutionary new technologies like DUST-Shield and AQUA-Shield, we produced the world's BEST product lubes for EXTREME SPORTS producing EXTREME PERFORMANCE which you'll hardly find in the market. With strong product quality & branding, we have now multiple TRADEMARKS for over 30 countries

Instant HYPER performance effortlessly

Easily elevates performance with significant improvement with our technologies

  • Croatia (Fishing)

    …impressed by how well and smoothly this beauty works after the DEUTHLON treatment…

  • Italy (Fishing)

    …best power drag grease ever tried…

    …way above the even most expensive Japanese brand

  • Bulgaria (Fishing)

    conclude self-service
    lubricant kit in the market. . Japanese brand not even to your standard

  • Macau & HK (Fishing)

    …Power Drag is fantastic.... When they tried once, never go back……

  • Hungary (Fishing)

    …people who swear by the products…

  • United Kingdom (Fishing)

    Probably the best lubricants I have ever used.

    Highly recommended

  • Finland (Fishing)

    One brands does everything since we have different grease specialized from different area of reel

  • Finland (Fishing)

    More quiet, a lot faster, drag smooth & consistent, starting inertia a lot lower, drag pressure more even now

  • Slovakia (Fishing)

    Ceramic grease holds incredibly well on gear teeth, even worn surfaces…like there weren’t unreal.

    Looking for such a lubricant such a long time

  • Thailand (Fishing)

    I serviced hundreds of reels,
    smoothest grease ever

  • Netherlands (Cycling)

    …I am very happy to report back. You promised 10% extra speed which EXCEEDED for sure. I now ended up 3rd place.

  • Germany (Cycling)

    I have 18 super high-performance wheels which I tested. It make such a MASSIVE difference

  • Taiwan (Cycling)

    We tested with 3 bikes today with professional cyclist and mechanics….My friend achieve new ‘Personal Record’ just after applying your lube

  • Germany (Cycling)

    Never seen a grease make so much HUGE difference.
    Simply spectacular. DEUTHLON is now going to all my bike bearings

  • Malaysia (Cycling)

    Very comfortable…Doing at least 20% lesser effort. Had more than 3 minutes savings in 100km ride

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DUST-Shield Technology

Our “Dust-Shield” technology delivers an optimum Dust Free performance environment and has excellent adhesion properties. 

This ultimately allows the  pushing of  maximum rpms within bearings, with an almost ZERO friction coefficient.

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AQUA-Shield Technology

Our AQUA-Shield technology application are more than Water-Proof – they REPEL water!

They are an excellent anti-corrosion agent, against salt corrosion and oxidative formation of rust.

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Top seller: Cycling

Road Bike Cycling Lubricants

Road Bike Cycling Lubricants

  We have invested hundreds of R&D man-hours in consultation with performance... 

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