Unique Features

DEUTHLON is the ULTIMATE high performance sports lube - A truly revolutionary product painstakingly formulated to be the BEST!  It has been created by scientists and tested by athletes after thousands of R&D hours. Our range of products utilizes revolutionary lubricant technologies that simply delivery outstanding performance and durability in sports applications.


Dust Shield TechnologyAqua Shield technology


What is DEUTHLON – “Dust-Shield” ?

One of the unique technologies in Deuthlon Lube is “Dust-Shield”.  It delivers an optimum Dust Free performance environment and has excellent adhesion properties.  Most off-the shelf oils and lubricants are able to lubricate -. However, they often fall short in the following areas:-

  • Oil attracts dust and dirt.
  • When ball bearings rotate in their races, with many “normal” lubes, the lubricating oil or grease is spun away from the spinning balls, causing a rapid loss of lubrication and performance
  • Conventional oils will always lose effectiveness once there is any contact with moisture or water
  • Most greases will “emulsify” (lose consistency and become more liquid) or harden (become granulated or of solid texture)  once there is contamination with foreign materials such as  salts, water, degreasers, cleaning chemicals or fine sand.
  • Greases and oils have a limited optimum working temperature after which they no longer deliver the lubricating performance for which they were designed.  As such a high performance lubricant should have a wide optimum operating temperature. ​

How do DEUTHLON products work? - What is “Dust-Shield” and Why is it Unique?

  • DEUTHLON selects PTFE  (Polytetrafluoroethylene) as a main raw additive because it is simply the smoothest solid material next to ice,  Our team of engineers and chemists re-engineered the PTFE  using a proprietary process and production technology.   One of these unique technologies involve “Polarization” which facilitate the binding of the active lubricating materials to where it is most needed, drastically reducing “spin out” and delivering superb adhesion and durability. 
  •  The (PTFE) additives in-effect act like having “a million  ball bearings” working for your ultimate performance (in non-metal to metal contact conditions). When the actual bearing spins, the excessive oil/grease is normally spun away from the bearing – With Deuthlon the lubricating materials are BONDED to where it is needed most within the bearing, delivering the outstanding performance that users notice immediately. This in-turn creates a minimally oil free surface which greatly reduces dust and dirt contamination;  Hence "Dust-Shield".


  • DEUTHLON – Products that are more than Water-Proof – they REPEL water!
    • This can be demonstrated by applying our product over a hinge pin and then washing it with a jet of water – there is no displacement of the grease whilst the water is repelled! Another option  is to put a thin film of water on a piece of glass and then ad some DEUTHLON  lube – you will immediately see the lube dispersing the water. Most other lubricants are unable to do this – Deuthlon products consistently surprise users with their amazing performance characteristics.!

  • DEUTHLON – Are an excellent anti-corrosion agent, against salt corrosion and oxidative formation of rust.


What is POLARIZED technology?

POLARIZED Technology – It binds the additive to the parts that need lubrication most to deliver superb adhesion and ultra-high durability.  Negative & Positive poles of our unique Fluoropolymer additives are the key to our excellent internal bearing bonding feature. This adhesion bonding occurs on a molecular level - between all the uneven micro-fine porosity metal parts – causing bearings to “heal” and creating stunningly low drag ecoefficiencies.


Our product forms an extremely durable and invisible highly protective lubrication film coating with the bearing or encapsulated moving part. This ultimately allows the  pushing of  maximum rpms within bearings, with an almost ZERO friction coefficient.


DEUTHLON is the ULTIMATE high performance Sports Lube - A truly revolutionary product designed to be the Best Lube on Planet Earth!