Off-Road Cycling Lubricants


We have invested many hours of R&D time working with off-road cyclists to formulate a range of cycling lube and cycling grease products to deliver ultimate performance, durability and value for money for MTB and XC riders. Our mission was to simply create the ultimate industry-leading products that deliver smoother functioning for higher speeds at high durability levels, so that passionate cyclists can be the very best they can be.

No Compromises - Ultimate Performance, Ultimate Durability and Ultimate Comfort.

A conventional cycling lube product will face the following challenges:-

  • If the lube is too light, it cannot withstand water
  • If the lube is too heavy, it becomes tacky causing drag
  • MTB lubes often attract sand and causing an abrasive consistency
  • Temperature often causes the product to solidify or emulsifies which is undesirable
  • Sub-standards greases can cause bearings becomes to rust/corrode


Deuthlon cycling greases and bike lubes are designed to withstand & resolve the fundamental problems detailed above. In addition our products are formulated for specific areas of application for bike maintenance.


Area of applications for DEUTHLON product range for Off-Road bike


 Below is the comparison of chain lube vs DEUTHLON's XC Lube


How and Where to Apply DEUTHLON's Cycling Grease & Lube (Off-Roads, MTB Bikes etc ) - Full mechanic version

Some proven testimonials. Just to name a few:

1. Exceed more than 10% performance

2. Cycling average from 30 km/h to 34 km/h


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