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AquaXtreme | Best cycling grease for extreme water resistance

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Our latest Signature cycling grease - With a less than < 1% water wash-away characteristic rate that complies with the American Society for Testing and Materials Standard - (ASTM D1264). It is a unique hydrophobic paste with AQUA-Shield that is able to withstand water and high-pressure water jet application for your bicycle. If water or moisture is your enemy and protection is required, this cycling grease should be your product of choice for cycling maintenance lube.

Product Features:

  • Immersion proof in 100 meters of seawater.
  • Extremely water resistance: < 1% water washout rate (ASTM D1264).
  • Excellent shock resistance.
  • Inhibits rust and salt water (sweat) with AQUA-Shield.
  • Does not drip, emulsify or solidify.
  • Highly adhesive & tacky but smooth.
  • Safe on rubber.
  • Resistant to hot water (60˚C) - sprayed vertically
  • Resists high-pressure water jet application at 30˚ angle of spray.

Excellent in headset-bearings and other semi-static parts (eg, pivots, joints).


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Content: 30 ml (40 gram) Dimension (mm): 22 x 57 x 57