Fishing Reel Lube - Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is your product designed? We never heard of your products?

We have invested hundreds of hours into R&D these uniquely different grease with DUST-Shield and AQUA-Shield technologies which we owned and trademarked over 30 countries. A lot of Ironman and Triathlons loves our products. Our products are designed for for the HIGHEST performance in a  VERY competitive sea fishing or angling environments as shown below

Fishing lubricant or fishing oil for reels


2. Do i have to remove all the existing grease before applying DEUTHLON lubricants? Can i mix the greases?

YES, you need to remove all the existing grease with a suitable degreaser before applying DEUTHLON lubricants. 

NO, you cannot mix the existing grease as it affects the fundamental composition of the grease materials which we designed specifically to solve and enhances the performance to the max.


3. Can i use WD40 to remove the existing greases and oil?

YES, you can BUT not preferable. The reason because WD40 has very strong solvent which it dissolves metal parts. Not so suitable for a longer term. However, you can minimized it by wiping it very clean after application.


4. Is there any product which i could DIY rather than dismantling the whole reel?

For DIY, you can apply Cast Lube for much longer casting, and use Generic Reel Lube (aka F9) for normal lubrication to multiple parts of the reel without the need of dismantling the reel for convenience. Easy few minutes application which you can bring along with you on your fishing trip. Many of our anglers now can't live without bringing our Cast Lube as part of their fishing adventure trip.  

Many anglers are seen to be replacing their existing conventional lubricants with this product. Even though our Generic Reel Lube (F9) is much better in performance in comparison with other generic lubes in the market today, it won't bring out the best performance and enjoyment for your fishing trips. 

For maximum performance and enjoyment of the recreational angling and fishing, there is a need of dismantling the reel to apply our professional range of lubricants (Ceramic Reel Gear Grease, Power Drag, Semi Fluid).


5. Which are your 'Professional range' lubricant products for Fishing Reel? 

There are: Cast Lube, Ceramic Reel Gear Grease, Power Drag and Semi Fluid


6. What is Generic Reel Lube (F9)?

This is a generic reel lube for designed to target 'lower end' segment of anglers, or anglers which do not demand high level of performance. However, these anglers still need a generic product of which is better that any other conventional reel oil in the market, and yet simple to use.  

From my knowledge, many have tried and confidently switch to using our Generic Reel Lube (F9) permanently.


7. Why are there so many products for fishing reel alone? I usually use one for all parts?

Each of our products are specifically designed with different characteristics suitable for different parts in the fishing reel. This would enables it to churn out the MAXIMUM performance and MAXIMUM enjoyment to sea sports fishing or recreational fishing. Other products in the market usually are designed generically to be applied to all parts of which will not be able to bring out the best of the fishing reel enjoyment. Believe me - the difference is significant. 


8. How and where exactly do i apply DEUTHLON products on my reel?

Below are the links of fb on the application on the fishing reel:

Cast Lube:

Power Drag Grease:

Ceramic Reel Gear Grease:

Semi Fluid Grease:


9. Most of the reels applied with your grease are very smooth and quiet. Why there are few reels we applied creates more noise than before?

The reason for this is 'over application' or applying with too much grease. This usually happens for Ceramic Reel Gear Grease. This Reel Gear Grease product is designed to be very sticky which they are able to stick to the gears, and won't being pushed away even with very high force during the usage of the reel  If the application is too thick, the chances of the this particular grease being splatters over to other gears or reel parts are high. This will results in creating a very sticky bonding with other parts rather than creating lubricants. Thus, noise is created.

This is why we emphasis on applying a thin layer of grease for Ceramic Reel Gear Grease product.   


10. I have never tried your products before, what do you recommend me to purchase as newbie?

I would recommend you to purchase the Starter Kit because it has everything you need for the trial at a smaller pack. After you tested the whole range and understands them, you can then purchase the individual larger size on your next order.


11. The Starter Kit pack has all the lubricants but it is in a smaller quantity, how many times would it last me?

It actually varies according to how you apply. It would averagely last at 8 to 10 times of application. 


12. It seems a bit expensive?

Well, let's assume you apply once every 2 months, it would last you around 2 years. OR...if you divide into 10 times, the cost would be around $3 per application, versus a coffee you drink every day is already $3 per cup.

If you compare to replacing a fishing reel which costs hundreds or thousands of dollars, this gives a a most significant amount of performance for a most little amount of cost. 

I would consider it very reasonable for the enjoyment and performance of the sport. Please note that our products are designed for world beaters.


13. Why is you product more expensive than any competitor's product in the market?

Each of our products are designed for a very specific application to each different fishing reel areas to bring out the MAXIMUM performance of the sports you are on. Our raw materials are imported from different countries from Europe ensuring of the highest quality standard materials being used. Thereafter, we did the R&D ourselves ensuring the right precise composition of formula are created, and tested with hundreds of hours with professional anglers in different scenarios and location ensuring the lubricant does gives the MAXIMUM performance in the most extreme demanding competitive environment. With this, we are confident that our product performance is MUCH BEYOND than any other products in the market. 

Anyway, one product item can be used for multiple applications which may last for 1 year or more. If you really think about it, it is not expensive.


14. What is DUST-Shield and AQUA-Shield?

Please click here for more information of our technologies of which we have trademarks across the globe.


15. What is the shelf life of the products? 

The minimum shelf life is 5 years. Generally, it should last 10 years without any problem as we carefully select the high quality non-toxic, and very stable raw materials from Europe.