High-Speed Drone Lubricants

We have adapted hundreds of hours of engineering R&D time to create two revolutionary lubrication products for commercial and hobbyist Drones – They are our Classic Drone Lube and Premium Drone Lube.

Here are common mechanical problems experienced by drone pilots:-

  • Poor motor balancing or uneven motor speed.
  • After storage – unreliable or stuttering motors causing failure in flight.
  • Costly replacement of propeller motors.
  • Propeller motors attract dust which in-turn affect reliability and performance.
  • Reduction of battery life.

Deuthlon Drone Lubes are scientifically developed with unique DUST SHIELD technology for extreme sports and performance. They are designed with the characteristics of:-

  • High resistance to water, moisture, dust, rust & corrosion.
  • Withstand high load & impact.
  • Excellent long lasting performance & lower maintenance.
  • Extreme High operating temperatures.
  • Dissolve salt formation for longer motor life.


The use of our drone lubricant product will enhance the reliability and performance of your drone motors, significantly elevate your flying experience, whilst reducing repair and maintenance costs.

You will enjoy flying drones again with much lesser breakdowns, elevate performance & huge savings.


Application method:

Just two droplets of Drone Lube on each bearing & a few droplets on the brushless motor. Then wipe off the excessive lube. THAT'S IT.

After 10 minutes, there will be an immediate and significant performance boost in terms of power, smoothness, noise dampening, stability and motor balancing.

It is not recommended to apply lube excessively. A less is more philosophy applies. Note however that over-application will not cause damage but may cause smoke to come from the motors due to the excessive lube burning off and then evaporating Please avoid avoid inhaling any smoke. Excessively applied lube can simply be removed with a clean cloth, blower or air gun.