Sports & Tactical Shooting Lubricants

Besides creating lubricant products for extreme sports, we specializes in lubricants for tactical shooting, hunting and military as well.

These are a usual common problems with typical gun lubricants:

  • Overheating in rapid firing
  • Rain, humid & sweat
  • Attracts dusts & sands
  • Gun powder residues

All above will contribute to ‘jam weapon’ due to high friction wear and tear, rust, oxidation & skyrocketing temperature.


Our products has been tested with snipers and military personnel. They have confirmed with these features:

  • Superior CLP (Cleaning, Lubricate & Protection)
  • Inhibits rusts, corrosion & salt formation   
  • Dust Shield – minimum gun powder adhesion
  • Anti Blockage -  removal of seized / stuck particles
  • Leaves no grimes, sticky & stains
  • Displace moisture & non toxic
  • Very High operating temperatures @ 150 C / 230 C
  • Very minimal smoke emission (great for snipers)

Some of the tests has shown that continuous shooting without jam is X2 better.


With our range of products for army or shooters, here are the benefits: