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XC Lube | Cycling lubricants with superb resistance to dust & water

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For professional and amateur cyclists alike, bike chain lubrication plays a vital role in maintaining smooth & responsive gear shifting. Additionally it reduces friction on bike chains, therefore resulting in optimized physical performance by minimizing energy loss.

The correct selection of cycling lube will greatly reduce friction, eliminate “squeaking” and prolong longevity of all the moving parts on your bike, while optimising physical & bike's performance.

Note: The above data with respect to durability of the chain lubes in terms of KM ridden, will vary according to riding conditions, the condition and quality of your drivetrain and how the lube was applied.

DEUTHLON's XC Lube is one of the greatest Wet Lube featured with AQUA-Shield feature with superb water ressistance designed for off-roads bikes.

It his featured with:

  • Engineered to saves energy Watts
  • Low friction coefficients + superb water resistance with AQUA-Shield
  • High endurance + Cost savings

Deuthlon XC lubes are engineered to minimize physical energy loss (eg, Ironman or Powerman competition) and to achieve at least X2 more distance. Conclusively, it gives VERY LOW FRICTIONS, SUPERB DISTANCE,ALL WEATHER CONDITIONS, SAVES TIME and HIGH COST SAVINGS. Designed for bike chain application.

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