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AquaPRO | Cycling grease for low friction smooth performance

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The superb cycling grease was created with working in close collaboration with off-road cyclists and mechanics, our R&D Division have developed a unique hydrophobic paste with our superior Dust-Shield feature, which forms an Extra barrier seal against fine sand, dust and splashing water – which are the enemies of mountain and cross-country cyclists!. This amazing product complies with the ASTM D1264 standard, achieving less than a 5% “water wash-away characteristic” for all performance bikes.

Despite its superb water resistance rate, AquaPro cycling grease has a light viscosity for incredible smoothness. This product delivers both Protection - Dust-Shield forms a barrier seal against foreign particles like sand, dust and water in bearings - and LOW FRICTION for super smooth bearing performance and durability.


Product Features:

  • Very Clean - white color paste.
  • Intermittent water immersion proof of below 50 meters
  • Water resistance with less than 5% water washout rate (ASTM D1264).
  • Corrosion, acid & sweat resistance.
  • Extra barrier against sand & dust “Second Bearing Seal.”
  • Temperature Stable - Splash proof with hot water at 80˚C.
  • Resists medium pressure water jet (2 bar pressure with 60 degree spray angle at 1 meter distance).

This superb cycling grease will serve the needs of medium to high speed roller bearings. Micro size hairline gaps will be sealed without affecting bearing performance.

AquaPRO cycling grease is Highly recommended for external application on Bottom Brackets, wheel & hub bearings.


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Content: 30 ml (40 gram)     Dimension (mm): 22 x 57 x 57