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Starter kit for Tarmac Cycling } All-In-One package for cycling maintenance

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Road Bike Cycling Lubricants Designed for Cycling Professionals 

DEUTHLON technology will blow your conventional cycling oil away! It is uniquely engineered with its Dust-Shield and Aqua-Shield technology that has the capability to prevent dust/dirt and disperses water, revitalize seized cycling bearings, overcome heavy loads and minimize bearing compression from hash impacts.

That is why DEUTHLON cycling lubricants are loved by professional riders, triathletes and competitive riders. Your ultimate performance cycling lubricant.



Our products are specifically designed for Highly competitive Professional Cycling.

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For those who want to try out or still do not know which product to purchase, we made it easy for you. We have created a new product called RB Starter kit - consisting of all of cycling lube and cycling grease products appeared for Tarmac cycling into one package. The package includes RB Lube, AquaSpeed, AquaPro, AquaXtreme and our revolutionary Turbo Lube as part of the deal.

Please note the package contents:

Turbo Lube                               : 10ml

RB Lube                                   : 30 ml

AquaSpeed Ceramic Grease    : 10ml

AquaPro Grease                      : 10 ml

AquaXtreme Grease                : 10 ml