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Power Drag Grease | Enhances reel drag force by 50% or more

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Our truly Amazing Power Drag Grease – This reel grease product enhances drag force by a factor of 50 ~ 60%!. With outstanding adhesion properties it is remarkably smooth when under high-drag load for your fishing reel.



Fishing reel drag systems are designed to provide sufficient resistance to fatigue a fish and eventually reel the fish in. The grease within the system plays a counter intuitive role of providing slippage and resistance at the same time. Most anglers look to have as much drag force as possible at their disposal, but at the same time are concerned about “jerkiness/stickiness” which will result in a dropped fish.

Drag force on a typical reel usually weakens over time as the grease gets forced out. Water usually finds its way into the drag system as it dilutes and emulsifies the grease making the drag system jerky and weak.

Over time, grease starvation results in the drag system fusing together, creating “sticky drag”, which is a common cause for line breakages and frequent fish drops as anglers cannot put constant and smooth pressure on the hook and line.

A good drag grease should provide consistently strong resistance within the tackle setup limits and at the same time allows smooth slippage to reduce fish drops.


Advantages of Deuthlon Power Drag Grease:

  • Extremely high shear strength stability & smoothness.
  • Extreme pressure (EP) properties with calcium sulfonate thickeners.
  • Excellent water-resistance, sealing and anti-corrosion properties.
  • Superb adhesion on substrates with its unique Polarized technology.
  • Highly consistent and highly long-lasting lubrication properties.



  • Non-Newtonian properties – shear thickening of grease occurs when shear rate increases, providing a smooth and increasingly strong drag force.
  • Extremely high shear thickening strength - tenaciously strong for consistently strong stopping power.
  • Exceptionally smooth - smooth drag release with no jerkiness that will not be forced out under high drag force.
  • Outstanding adhesion - Polarized Technology for superior adhesion on substrates.
  • Excellent water washout resistance - AQUA-Shield technology, wash out resistance by water blast (salt water) at 60 psi / cone nozzle pattern at 1-meter distance.
  • Nontoxic, Eco safe - solvent free makes this grease safe on rubber, plastics and soft metals.


How does it work?

Power Drag Grease is a super heavy-duty drag grease with outstanding shear thickening strength stability. It is designed with the non-Newtonian feature of shear thickening in which the viscosity of the grease increases as the shear rate increases. This in effect increases drag force as the pressure increases at the same time.

Containing PTFE as an active ingredient, this ensures a creamy smooth drag release even under extremely high pressure, high load, and high temperatures with little to no fading.

This grease is polarized for superb bonding on substrates while providing excellent protection against corrosion when in regular salt-water contact.


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Immediate effects upon appropriate application to your fishing reel:

Upon successful application, the drag system will feel extremely smooth when force is applied. As the drag pressure increases, the drag force increases providing a consistently strong and smooth drag release. 


For application of Power Drag grease,


Content: 30 ml (40 gram)          Dimension (mm): 22 x 57 x 57