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Generic Reel Lube (F9) | Generic reel lube

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DEUTHLON’s Generic Reel Lube (F9) is an generic reel lubricant formulated with medium viscosity contains PTFE. It is coupled with DUST-Shield technology feature designed to reduce friction, wear and noise. Whilst, protecting against dirt, sand, rust, corrosion & oxidation.

Current challenges with conventional paraffin based reel oil or grease:

  • Adhere to sand and dust increasing friction similar to abrasives sand paper
  • Messy, dirty, murky, emulsify and solidify is seen inside the fishing reel
  • Prone to corrosion and oxidation due to sea salt and water 


Below is one of the angler's testimonial after using our product

DEUTHLON’s Generic Reel Lube (F9) is designed as a product viscosity is to balance between grease and oil, while still producing a very long lasting performance. No matter you fishing in salt water or fresh water, it will protects the fishing reels from corrosion as it has PTFE protection coating and rust dissolving agent. It can also act as for dry lubrication agent.

DEUTHLON’s Generic Reel Lube (F9) will be suitable for 90% of all generic usages suitable for most mechanism application of the reels as replacement for conventional reel oil or greases.

Recommended application:

  • all types of bearing materials – except spool & one-way bearings
  • secondary gears – plastics & nylon materials gears only (Not recommended for steel and alloy materials)
  • complete rod: reel seat, shaft & blank, reel guide and etc
  • rings guide on the rod
  • top tip & roller ring tip of the guide

For all external parts, we recommend to apply and then wipe it dry. Our lubricant is designed to be perform as effectively even it is dry. This is called DUST-Shield technology.

You can also apply to the tools which you bring together as fishing buddies:

  • All fishing tools parts such as metal pliers, cutter & etc
  • All day-today home improvement tools such as knifes, metal pliers, cutters and etc

DEUTHLON’s Generic Reel Lube (F9) will protect from sea corrosion, rust, oxidation, as well as act as a mild cleansing & polishing agent for these tools.

DEUTHLON’s Generic Reel Lube (F9) is a very economical product for any angler – a truly a revolutionary generic reel lube is a MUST HAVE for all anglers. It offers great fishing sensation at a most economical manner as part of preventive maintenance regime. It will be suitable for almost all mechanism of a reel as an generic application.


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Content: 30 ml (35 gram)        Dimension (mm): 86 x 35 x 35  

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