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Turbo Lube | Cycling lube designed for Racing events

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Our race day Turbo Lube product that is loved by professional riders, triathletes and competitive riders. Your ultimate performance cycling lubricant.

Using conventional low viscous oil in your cycling bearings on race day will minimize friction for part of your ride - as long as conditions are dry. However if conditions are wet, such cycling oils are too easily washed away and may cost you the bike time that you trained so hard for. Also, as the KM’s roll by in your long distance event, your conventional cycling oil is likely to be damaging your bike bearing rubber seals whilst also building up grime which in turn attracts dust and other contaminants resulting in negative time savings, a buildup of friction and lower cycling ride comfort.

For race day, DEUTHLON technology will blow your conventional cycling oil away! It is uniquely engineered with its Dust-Shield technology that has the capability to disperse water, revitalize seized cycling bearings, overcome heavy loads and minimize bearing compression from hash impacts (such as those caused by road potholes).



  • Dust-Shield for dust, sand, moisture & water resistance.
  • Capability to restore old bearings (that are not dented).
  • Inhibits rust and corrosion – as oxidation preservation agent.
  • Ultra-smooth.
  • Very long lasting and high durability.
  • Long shelf-life with high stability.
  • Very quiet running – Low noise.
  • Superior penetration properties negating the need to remove bearing seals/caps in order to reach ball bearings/races.
  • This product is especially engineered for Race Day.


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Content: 30 ml (35 gram)        Dimension (mm): 86 x 35 x 35