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AquaSpeed | Cycling grease for extreme speed

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A truly revolutionary cycling grease by Deuthlon that combines Stunning! Ultra-low viscosity, amazing user comfort, superior water resistance AND high weather durability. This super low viscosity fluid cycling grease product was specifically engineered for micro size component parts in remote control drones and deep sea fishing reel gears used in harsh conditions, that require high performance, durability and high spinning speeds. It has now been scientifically formulated for use with high performance bicycles and bicycle bearings.

Product Features:

  • Ultra-Light &Super Smooth.
  • Excellent Water-Resistance + High Speed.
  • Excellent in Extreme Operating Temperatures (-30 - 140˚C)
  • Superb Sealing & Outstanding Adhesion
  • Superb Shear Stability & Corrosion-Inhibitive
  • Reduces Core Bearing Temperatures, Manifesting In Less Power Consumption
  • Does Not Harden or become solidified
  • Non-Toxic & Environmentally Friendly
  • Endurance of approximately 1,500 km per application
  • Safe for rubber materials
  • Resistant to acid & alkaline
  • Intermittent water immersion of below 20 meters
  • Splash Proof with hot water (< 50˚C)

This fluid cycling grease Does Not bleed or leak from bearings when under load or when spinning at high speed. This safely prevents ceramic or metal-to-metal direct contact which in turn protects bike bearings and significantly reduces friction and premature bearing failures. Cyclists experience an incredibly buttery ultra-smooth feeling as they ride, superior water resistance in bearings, longer service intervals and simply an experience that they have not felt riding before.

AquaSpeed is Highly Recommended for cycling bearings in road bicycles with special emphasis on wheel, hub and bottom bracket bearings. The benefits once installed are simply magic - world-class best bike lubricant.


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