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Skateboard Lube

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DEUTHLON SKATE-Lube is unlike any conventional oil / lube of which harmful to rubberized materials- becomes grimy, attracts dust and eventually became like sand papers instead of reducing friction. SKATE Lube is unique with its DUST-SHIELD feature & water resistance capability, whilst revitalizes / restores old and seized bearings


Areas of applications:

  • Excellent smoothness + Rubber SAFE
  • Superior lube for storage preservation

Feature    :Super smooth, DUST Shield, Resist moisture

Viscosity  : Light

Durability : Moderates endurance and good dust and water resistance

Application: Bearings (S.Steel and High speed-steel) + All metals and rubber parts

Due to cost effectiveness factor, This SB-lube are broadly suitable for Street-borders to Long-boarders, for those might not demanding on Ultra-High speed requirement, however Not-compromising on the smoothness and Agility