Affiliate Referral Program - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is your Affiliate program?

Our affiliate program is a program to reward both the referrer and referees to promote our products. Instead of paying huge amount for advertising, we change the model to pay the affiliate or referrer for every clients which brought in by them. This is a win-win program.


2. What is the benefits of this DEUTHLON Affiliate program?

Upon signing up as affiliate, you will get a flat USD 5 commission for every new client you referred, which the referred client will get 90% OFF as FIRST purchaseYou will get 10% commission for every subsequent order by this same client from our website,

Please note the rules is that the purchases must be at least USD 15 before discount. Shipment will be borne by the client. 


3. How will be the shipment be? Shipped from where? Is it expensive?

We have put in a very reasonable shipment price. We would be absorbing part of the shipment for some of the destination countries because the actual cost of shipment is higher that what the client paid for. We absorb this as part of the 'marketing awareness program' expense.

We already have multiple distributors/resellers in some of the countries like USA, UK and few other countries. We will ask our them to send to you instead for quicker and faster delivery.

Delivery can vary significantly. It may takes between 5 days to 20 days to arrive to the destination depending on the few factors - courier company availability, shipment origin country and destination's local custom. We will provide Airway Bill number for tracking purposes.


4. How do you payout the commission?

We would be paying out the commission via:

  • Paypal account once you accumulated to USD 50
  • Exchange with DEUTHLON products at 30% discount

If you prefer to exchange with buying product, do message us, We will process this manually.


5. Do i need to buy any products or keep any stock?

No need. An affiliate does not need to purchase anything. Your job is just to refer new clients. Then, just collect commission upon purchases. No hassle of delivery and management of clients.  


6. How do i apply for DEUTHLON's Affiliate program?

Go to the top menu bar, click on REFERRAL and follow the instruction to sign up. You will automatically get a 'unique referral link' which tied to you. 


7. Where can i send this 'unique referral link' to promote new clients?

You can send cut and paste your own unique referral link to:

  • via communication tools such as FB messenger, WhatsApp and etc
  • via your Blogs
  • via your social media links such as FB, Instagram, YouTube and etc
  • via email 

Once the referred client click on your unique referral link, it will auto redirects them to our website. The Affiliate platform will starts tracking this client. 


8. Does the client needs to enter any coupon code or anything similar in order to track this client belongs to which referrer or enjoy the huge discount?

No need. Once the referred client click on your unique referral link, it will auto redirects them to our website. The Affiliate platform will starts tracking this client. The discount will auto populate during the checkout. The client does not need to remember to enter any codes. It is fully automated. 


9. What products should i promote to for easier sell to new clients?

We recommend you to promote Starter Kits. We have:

  • Fishing Starter Kit
  • Cycling Starter Kit for Tarmac/ Road Bikes
  • Cycling Starter Kit for Off Road bikes

This is because Starter kits are the best sellers for us especially to those new clients. They can test all the products at a bargain price. 

We recommend you to promote one segment only. For fishing segment referral, just Fishing Starter Kit. For cycling segment referral, promote Cycling Starter kit.


10. Where can i get the materials, logo, images and content information of your products for creating my own referral link to promote DEUTHLON?

You can download and copy any images, content and information from DEUTHLON website. It has everything you need. However, you may download images from other websites but please ensure it is royalty free.

If you need something else or clarification, please send email to


11. Would I been informed if my referred client has purchased in your website and eligible for the commission?

Yes, an automated email will be sent to you.

At anytime, you can also login to the 'Referral' tab via You will be able to see all the total commissions and clients you referred. We uses a very comprehensive Affiliate platform, all are tracked automatically.


12. Can i still entitle for the commission if the clients referred are from other countries?

YES, you will be entitled as long as the new client purchased from us via your referred link, and this client is not in our existing client, neither already referred by someone else. 

Our referral program is for anyone in the world referring any clients from any countries.


13. Would this be UNFAIR to your local distributors or reseller in other countries with this Affiliate program?

Not at all. The design of this Affiliate program is NOT to overtake or bypass the local partners in their respective countries. It is designed to create HIGH level Awareness in their countries and adjacent countries under our cost due to extreme high level of discount.

This program is designed with:

  • High level discount only for FIRST time purchaser
  • No more discount for subsequent purchases 
  • Respective local distributors/resellers will be tasked to send the products to these new clients in their country or adjacent countries

The reason for this to create awareness in their own respective country under our cost. The intend is for this is to enable new client to test our products. Once they have tested and would like to purchase, they would be able to purchase it locally, or via our website.


For every delivery by our distributor/reseller, we will:

  • pay them as fee for the fulfilment service
  • reimburse the shipping fee sent to the client
  • credit back for every product they shipped out

We will track, credit all above and rebate on their next order. 

This is a win-win situation for everyone. 


14. What is cookie days?

For instance, let's say a seller sets the cookie duration to 30 days. This means that affiliates have exactly 30 days to seal the deal, once a link has been clicked. Once this time is up, that's it — no profit for you. However, if a purchase is made within this period, it qualifies for a commission.


14. Who shall i contact for more information or clarification?

You may send email to Someone will keep in touch with you within 24 hours.