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He is a real crazy cyclist with more than 20 super bike wheels, with multiple high end bikes as you can see in the facebook.He is really a HIGH PERFORMANCE & NO BULL SHIT kind a guy. HE just want performance and improvement. He is impressed with our Ceramic AquaSpeed Grease and Turbo Lube, and he said the bike was like 'riding on air cushion'. He refers our grease as 'Curry sauce'.He mentioned it made a HUGE difference in SPEED, SMOOTHNESS and QUIETNESS. If you are the performance kind of guy, maybe this is what you need.

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AquaSpeed performance, best cycling lube, road bike grease -

German cyclist is very amazed with how good the feeling of smoothness and buttery feeling after using Deuthlon AquaSpeed grease. He called this a 'miracle juice'. It given him SUPER performance.  He also mentioned that all his bikes are highly optimized. Never in his mind thought of any product is able to give him a much much BIG performance enhancement difference. Well, Deuthlon does it for him. Thank you Nick Freyer.  

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