Fishing Reel Maintenance

Fishing Reel Maintenance

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Here's some of the roller maintenance concepts shared by Red-hot anglers fishing shop owner Sam.

In fact, the maintenance of the roller is a bit similar to the car. If it is useful, it is consumed, there is necessary to maintain. The most different from cars is that the roller has no mileage meter to reference, so it is only the owner to decide when to take care. Easy Care is a basic step for washing, dry and refuel on various moving and exposing parts.

Major repairs to open and disassemble the body can be an annual homework, or after a long fishing trip for a long and exercise days.

Apart from large major parts such as gear, Spindle, lifting systems, Palin, etc, small places such as grips and roller wheels, are the place to hide dirt salt, not only particularly prone to rust, but due to the volume of the parts Small, if you don't pay attention, you can be eroded.

Some Anti-rotation systems that don't work well in waterproof design are also another easy place to hide water. If rust will lose function.

When it comes to waterproof, using deuthlon's Aqua Shield is also a precaution because it is not easy to be washed out of water. Stella, gears use ceramic grease from deuthlon, and semi fluid grease outside of the movement.

How to unlock and install, apart from experience, understanding the logic of roller works is the best way. For example, today I pulled a car apart and asked you to install, you never put your chair on top of the car or the wheel on the wheel, because we already have the basic structure of the car There is a spectrum that can be logic to know what parts are basically what function and where to be placed. So is the roller. For example, if you know how metal pads function, you'll understand that they should be placed between Palin and gear rather than outside. When you know why this part exists, it's not hard to guess where it should be.

The rollers that do maintenance are naturally endurable, and there will not temporarily fail during fishing, and messed up the fishing trip. Of course, if you are not interested in or sensitive to disassembling machines, it is the safest thing to a trustworthy fishing shop. A lot of people have feelings for a long-Used Roller, and if you don't want your beloved roller to damage, then take care of it well.



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