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CREDIT to customreels_tt (instagram) The Slovakian reel maintenance expert tested DEUTHLON Cast Lube in many areas or reel. It works like magic and smooth as butter. Here the link:

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fishing testimonial, reel maintenance, Slovakia -

A Slovakian reel maintenance tested and feedback on my product: "A friend brought me these reels as he had them partially worn out. Gently scrubbing and vibration was cited when learning classic commercial lubricants from shimano. I cleaned the reels again and used lubricants from Deuthlon. This ceramic grease holds incredibly well on the gear teeth and evenly worn surfaces as if they weren't even there, unreal. After turning, the reel goes incredibly smoothly without jerking. I have been looking for such a lubricant for a long time and I am glad that I already had it. I made a...

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