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Quan is really a passionate pro angler with has all the experience with managing & maintaining reels, as well as distributing DEUTHLON over Vietnam. He is having a big catch with DEUTHLON so far. Segment: Fishing MILF is established distributor for Vietnam on all DEUTHLON related fishing segment Contact: Facebook:

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Big Zool Reel Services was one of the bro of SZ Tackle BWN of Brunei. Big Zool took up DEUTHLON starter kit and did a review. He is said to be one of th expert in reel maintenance in Brunei.   He patiently review, apply and test all the product range of DEUTHLON. The video is very good as he also tell you how to apply the grease and lube while demonstrating it live. Very informative and great review. He applied, tested and reviewed......After that, I understand from SZ Tackle, he immediately bought at least half set of each items...

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Fishing anglers can now purchase DEUTHLON products from SZ Tackle Bwn  SZ Tackle Bwn Shop is establish to Brunei which sells various fishing related products. He now sells DEUTHLON as part of his products. Link FB Fan page Whatsapp Contact Number : *+6738221602 (Azim), +6737373962 (Wafi), +6738165302 (SR), +601114021215 (MY)* Location : *No.7 Spg 47-3 Jln 'D' Perpindahan Mentiri*,115.026100 Contact *+6738221602 (Azim)* Opening hours: *9am - 9pm*

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